Boris Johnson

Wat die je nu als fotograaf wanneer men je vraagt om foto’s te nemen van een fenomeen zoals Boris Johnson (zeker wanneer je weet dat een van zijn projecten afgekeurd werd in het parlement). Nadav Kander heeft dat schitterend gedaan en hij legt uit hoe.

“What do you shoot with these days and has your approach changed since moving to digital? You mentioned feeling that shooting digitally takes away some of the edge as you can see what you’ve shot immediately.

This is a complex subject. I can work digitally because of my experience for years in a darkroom, printing film. So the digital quality does not worry me. I do use the “instant reveal” on a large screen to good advantage. The disadvantage with the instant nature of digital is a human one, and possibly personal to me, in that I find I photograph from a place of intense concentration, which is hard to maintain when I see a very good photograph has just been taken. It is as if I lose my edge as my nervousness leaves me.”

via Nadav Kander: how I shot Boris Johnson – Telegraph.