Miroslav Tichy

Dit moet een interessante fotograaf geweest zijn met …

“His photography is also much more subversive than Westerners might perceive. It exemplifies the nonviolent dissent perfected by Czech students and artists during and after the Soviet invasion of 1968, when the nurturing Prague Spring was followed by a crackdown on free expression.

Mr. Tichy was marked from the beginning: he was a nonconformist with a history of mental illness, and a former member of the Brno Five, a group of painters who broke with the state-sanctioned Socialist Realism of the postwar years. He was monitored and, from time to time, institutionalized.”

… nog interessanter materiaal.

“The cameras certainly don’t look functional; he fashioned them from shoeboxes, toilet-paper rolls and plexiglass, polishing the lenses with toothpaste and cigarette ash.”