Danish Fashion Ethical Charter – DFEC

Modellen, fotografen, modehuizen, reclamebedrijven, … en publiek, hopelijk gaan jullie allemaal akkoord met het onderstaand charter en wordt dit voorbeeld gevolgd in nog veel meer landen.

“Danish Fashion Ethical Charter seeks to ensure the well-being of Danish models and to contribute to the creation of relevant and appropriate information about eating disorders and about the beauty and body ideals the fashion industry is a part of creating.

Danish Fashion Ethical Charter will also help raise awareness and influence attitudes in the fashion industry as well as in the media and in society in general, which is why the charter contains a number of measures and rules signatories must adhere to.”


Fashion Photography Is the Art World’s Rising Star

Mocht je nog niet weten welke uw specialiteit is of gaat worden …

“Today, fashion photography is art’s rising star, drawing large crowds to exhibitions (which produce much-needed revenue from sponsorships, rentals and even merchandise) and enticing more collectors. Even the fashion industry itself is showing more respect for the form.”

via Fashion Photography Is the Art World’s Rising Star – NYTimes.com.

Fashion fetish: unseen Guy Bourdin photography

“Love-hearts and satin sheets, juicy lips and neon hips … Guy Bourdins erotic images were a staple of French Vogue for more than 40 years – and they changed fashion photography forever.”


War and fashion

‘War is ugly. Fashion is beautiful. War projects the worst of humanity. Fashion displays sartorial splendor in its highest.’

Zo zijn er waarschijnlijk nog wel een hoop tegenstellingen te vinden …