Hoe decisief is een moment nu eigenlijk?

“So it is in this photograph—the international press hovering like vultures next to the corpse. But what caused her death? What are they missing? Are they being callous? And what does the viewer need to know (but is not being told) about the circumstances surrounding this image?”

via How Photography’s ‘Decisive Moment’ Often Depicts an Incomplete View of Reality | January 2015 | Hillman Photography Initiative.

Why Violent News Images Matter

Het is inderdaad beter om te voorkomen dan te genezen. Maar als er dan toch genezen moet worden, toon dat dan ook! En dat gebeurt inderdaad te weinig. Men kan zich nu natuurlijk ook afvragen waarom dat te weinig gebeurt …

“There is no calculus to determine the most effective way to show horror. But certainly it would be important to investigate the processes that engender it, and not just the shocking results, no matter how visual. It would be also helpful to begin to try and trace alternatives to such catastrophes, and to provide examples of even partial resolutions. Then show those who must endure the traumas of war once the spectacle has faded—the physically and psychologically wounded, orphans, widows, parents left without children—and remember them in the years to come. And, finally, begin contemplating the best of the “photography of peace,” and not only that of war—the beauties of ceasefires, and of healing, and of some of the horrors that were prevented from happening.”

via Why Violent News Images Matter – LightBox.