Kleine reality-check

“I did ended up getting like 10 more followers that day (which it did felt like an avalanche of people), and though I’m just another passionate ‘snapshot’ photographer in this sea of ‘photographers’ that instagram carries, I wonder, what is the real ‘value’ of a ‘like’?

To me a ‘like’ is worth nothing. Zero. Nada. In my experience, I learnt a bunch of stuff, for example: Were ‘my’ 82 likes better than ‘their’ 999 or vice versa?, Nope. Is the photo any better after those 999?, No. Am I a better photographer for getting 999 instead of ‘just’ 82?, definitely not.”

via Does 999 likes make a photo better? – INSPIRED EYE.

De foto met de meeste ‘likes’ …

… en enkele andere toffe foto’s.