Mitch Epstein wint de Prix Pictet

Een paar weken terug, meer bepaald op 17 maart, heeft de Amerikaanse fotograaf Mitch Epstein de Prix Pictet voor ‘milieu en duurzaamheidsfotografie’ gewonnen. ‘

The skill, imagination and mastery of form that each of the artists featured in this book brings to their work is clear.  What is less obvious is the conviction and, in many cases, the courage with which they have documented the harmful and often irreversible effects of exploiting the earth’s resources and the long-term impact of unsustainable development on communities across the globe, and it is these qualities  too that Growth intends to recognise. In the words of photographer, critic and Prix Pictet nominator Jörg M Colberg, “This is not art for art’s sake; it is art for our own sake”.’

Je kunt alle kennis en geld van de wereld hebben, indien de aarde om zeep is, wat ga je ermee doen?