Goed nieuws voor de fotografen in de US

Eindelijk eens een verdict waar het gezond verstand primeert en niet de paranoïa. Met dank aan de ACLU.

‘To settle a right-to-photograph lawsuit filed by an aspiring photojournalist and the ACLU, the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department has issued a general order stating that “a bystander has the right under the First Amendment to observe and record [DC police officers] in the public discharge of their duties.”’


Know your rights photographer

Ga je naar de Verenigde Staten en wil je daar foto’s nemen? Ken uw rechten, ja, zelfs op de luchthaven mag je foto’s nemen …


Denver moet betalen

‘The settlement was announced by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which sued the city on behalf of three photographers, a filmmaker, and four others who were observing the protests–but not participating–when they were swept up in the mass arrests on August 25, 2008.’