A Guide to Plagiarism and Theft in Photography

Wat je allemaal kan doen om uw foto’s te beschermen. Alsof een fotograaf nog niet genoeg te doen had …

“This guide is in 3 major parts; prevention, detection and reaction. Firstly, how to prevent or deter plagiarism or theft of your images. Secondly, how to detect and identify any images or ideas that have been stolen – the internet is vast and finding your images where you hadn’t put them is a daunting task. Finally, the various ways in which you can react if you find one or more of your images or ideas have been stolen.”

via A Guide to Plagiarism and Theft in Photography – DIY Photography.

Stop Stealing Photos

De titel is vrij duidelijk denk ik.

“This wall of shame is dedicated to photographers that feel that it’s okay to steal others’ work and post it as their own. Oh I’m sorry, it’s okay to let their “web designer” do it.”

Stop Stealing Photos.