Annie Leibovitz on the future of photography

‘Annie Leibovitz discusses the role of the professional photographer in an era dominated by smartphone cameras and image-sharing sites. Speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Leibovitz argues that there is no reason to suppose that there will be any let-up in demand for high-quality stills photography’

Giles Duley

Giles Duley, fotograaf, stapt op een boobytrap in Afganistan en wordt een onschuldig slachtoffer van de oorlog. Hij verliest drie ledematen (twee benen en een arm) maar overleeft en besluit om … terug te gaan. Hij zegt dat hij zijn werk, het in beeld brengen van onschuldige burgerslachtoffers, verder wilt zetten. Bekijk zeker ook het filmpje (tweede link) want deze man is inspirerend.

Photography: an ever-evolving art form

‘By April 2012, Facebook users were posting photographs at the rate of 300 million per day.’

‘Make of that what you will, but the fact remains that the most expensive landscape photograph in the world right now is of a scene that never existed.’

‘There are currently more than 100 annual photography festivals worldwide, from Brighton to Bamako and beyond, as well as several big photo fairs such as Paris Photo, Miami Photo Fair and the just launched Unseen in Amsterdam.’