Photographer Being Sued for $500k By Model For Misused/Stolen Images

Je doet een shoot met een model, een contract is getekend en dan kom je zoiets tegen! Ik zou het niet graag meemaken.

“Sadly, in today’s ‘click and save as’ society, image misuse is a daily occurrence. As a photographer you have to do your best to protect yourself – in writing – and be sure that the contract/model releases are very specific and detailed. Also make sure that if you are selling your images to a third party, you’ve read through their terms of service carefully. There isn’t much you can do to protect yourself from the images being misused or stolen, but the more that you can cover yourself in writing, the better, in case you ever find yourself in a situation such as this one.”

via Photographer Being Sued for $500k By Model For Misused/Stolen Images.