Flickr onder vuur

“Creative Commons” is per momenten een goed initiatief. Totdat er iemand anders uw foto’s begint te verkopen en er geld aan verdient.

“The photos are being sold for profit, but none of that profit will go to the photographers who took the shots, and some of these photographers are speaking up about what they see as an injustice.”

via Flickr Taking Heat from CC Photographers for Selling Their Work as Wall Art Without Compensation.

Getty Overpays 9,000 Photographers, Wants Money Back

“However, when you ‘overpay’ 25,000 contributors, and then, without any explanation and breakdown, or proof, tell them you will garnish their wages in coming months to recoup the amount, it’s bound to cause a fuss.”

“The ordeal thus far has been handled horribly by Getty and iStock Photo. Neither has offered a proper explanation as to what went wrong, or proof of the payments, and thus leaving photographers in the cold to simply accept what they’ve been told, and take their word for it.”

Zoals gewoonlijk. De fotograaf moet akkoord gaan met alles, “dingen” ondertekenen met haar/zijn bloed, alle regeltjes naleven, onderbetaald worden en dan nog eens de peer zijn als anderen fouten maken. Welcome to the club.