Covering the “Islamic State”

“Our challenge is to strike a balance between our duty to inform the public, the need to keep our reporters safe, our concern for the dignity of victims being paraded by extremists, and the need to avoid being used as a vehicle for hateful, ultraviolent propaganda.”

Dat versta ik natuurlijk.

Wat ik minder goed versta is onderstaande tekst.

“That is also why we no longer accept work from freelance journalists who travel to places where we ourselves would not venture. It is a strong decision, and one that may not have been made clear enough, so I will repeat it here: if someone travels to Syria and offers us images or information when they return, we will not use it. Freelancers have paid a high price in the Syrian conflict. High enough. We will not encourage people to take that kind of risk.”

Het ergste dat er bestaat in de journalistiek is censuur. Het tweede ergste is waarschijnlijk een land zonder journalisten/fotografen. Dan kan een overheid of heerser doen en laten wat zij/hij wilt zonder dat er een haan naar kraait. Hopelijk gaat de bevolking massaal filmpjes maken en op de sociale media plaatsen. Het zal dan aan ons zijn om het kaf van het koren te scheiden. Iedereen een beetje “journalist” … die bronnen checkt en “waarheden” dubbelcheckt.

via Covering the “Islamic State” – Correspondent.

Oops, they did it again

“Agence France-Presse, more commonly known as AFP, is in the hot seat once again, less than a year after they and Getty were ordered to pay $1.2 million to photographer Daniel Morel. This time though, the ordeal is far less expensive, ending with an apology shared on Facebook.”

via AFP Apologizes for Syndicating Stolen Image, Wired in by Stringer Covering War In Iraq.

Foto’s en Twitter

‘The AFP v. Morel lawsuit was widely reported because it was one of the first cases to explore the intersection of copyright law and Twitter’s terms of use. Today, nearly three years after the lawsuit began, a key opinion [PDF] has been issued, ruling in favor of Morel and against AFP. The French newswire did manage to win a limitation on damages, but it could still be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars.’