Dat ook al niet.

Indien u geld wilt verdienen met uw foto’s, dan mag u nu fotojournalist ook schrappen van de lijst.

“The problem is that news photography is finished,” Ms. Riant said.

“Photographers are producing plenty of great stuff, but now the media seem interested only in celebrities,” he said.

Twenty years ago, a photojournalist made enough money to live on, he said. “I’m not pretending you would get rich, but you were able to live decently,” he said. “That is not the case now.”

Lorenzo Virgili, a veteran photographer in Paris, said the average salary of a freelance photographer was about €1,700 a month, and that unpaid postproduction work on the computer was taking up ever more time.

Revisiting that column last month, Mr. Halstead wrote that, if anything, conditions today were worse than he had predicted. To be a photojournalist today, he wrote, “You have to be crazy.”


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