Goede raad

‘If you could give a piece of advice to another photographer starting out, what would you tell them?

I’ll be honest… I’m sometimes a bit worried by the sheer number of people in this industry. It’s a constant hustle just to stay afloat and I’m still not even working on the big projects. I feel like it’s important to stress shooting for oneself, not trying to be someone else, and doing it to tell a story. I’d never shy away from encouraging young creatives to do those things and chase those passions, but I also think it’s equally helpful not to shy away from the realities of the industry.

People told me I wouldn’t find a true style for five or ten years, if not a lifetime. It’s held true. Just when I think I have it where I want it, I look back and think it’s crap. I would stress patience and not paying too much attention to other people’s work. Shoot because you love it; shoot the stuff that resonates with you.

I try to shoot in a way that pleases me and hope to connect with art directors and photo editors who resonate with the same things. Those are the relationships that will be fruitful and the jobs that will turn out well.’


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