Lewis Hine, Documentary Photographer

Schandalig dat zo’n grote maar vooral menselijke fotograaf in dergelijke omstandigheden heeft moeten leven. Hij die zo bezorgd en begaan was met het lot van de anderen.

“Hine’s life ended in misfortune. Viewed as outmoded in a time when candid shots were in vogue, he could not find work. He lost his home and ended up on welfare, dying in poverty within a year of his wife’s death. Only after his death on November 3, 1940 was his work once again appreciated. Along with Riis, he is recognized as the father of documentary social photography, an inspiration to many younger photographers. Today thousands of Hine’s images have been preserved at major institutions, including the Library of Congress.”

via The Radical Images of Lewis Hine, Documentary Photographer | Peter Dreier.

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