Japanese photography

Ben je geïnteresseerd in Japanse fotografie, dan zal het onderstaand document u waarschijnlijk een beetje helpen.

Dropbox – Japanese photography.pdf.

‘We don’t see the smartphone as an enemy’

“We don’t see the smartphone as an enemy. We like to see it as representing an infrastructure which we should be making use of. If we make sure that we continue to produce cameras that do things which smartphones can’t, and we also continue to provide links between our cameras and smartphones we’ll be able to create a system which is of benefit to our customers.”

Voilà, dat weten we dan ook weer.


Censuur door Nikon?

‘Ahn Sehong of the Juju Project has been taken photos based on the theme of ‘Comfort Women’, referring to ‘women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during the Second World War’, since 1990s and displayed the Korean ‘Comfort Women’ left in China  for the first time in Seoul.’


‘Suddenly it was cancelled two weeks ago by the sponsor, Nikon, who apologised to us but did not offer any reasonable explanation.   Since then I have found my personal information being posted on the internet, and I and my family has been intimidated by some anonymous calls.’


Japan – de opruiming

Japan heeft enkele rampen achter de rug en kan nu langzaam maar zeker herstellen en vooral opruimen.