“Ansel Adams Act” Moves to Restore Photographers’ Rights

Het zou tijd worden! Misschien moeten ze eens een uitstapje naar Parijs plannen …

“The bill was introduced by Republican US representative Steve Stockman of Texas, in response to the recent years of regulations prohibiting photography at sites like federal buildings and public parks.”

via “Ansel Adams Act” Moves to Restore Photographers’ Rights | Popular Photography.

Persvrijheid heeft gewonnen! En terecht.

Het moet maar eens gedaan zijn met die mensen die denken dat ze ter plaatse en al naargelang hun eigen humeur of attitude wetten ofwel kunnen aanpassen of uitvinden.

“Suffolk County, New York has agreed to pay freelance news videographer Philip Datz $200,000 to settle civil rights claims stemming from Datz’s unlawful arrest for recoding county police activity on a public street in 2011.”

via PDNPulse » Suffolk County Pays $200K to Settle News Photographers Unlawful Arrest Claim.

Wat is het volgende?

‘Yesterday, the National Press Photographers Association sent a letter to the department, that stated “it is neither a police officer’s duty nor right to decide what is appropriate news coverage of any story. So long as news personnel are in a public forum and not violating any ordinances they have the right to gather news unfettered by the personal feelings or opinions of law enforcement.”‘


Fotograaf moet stoppen

“… omdat hij volgens de luchtvaartpolitie een gevaar vormt in de aanvliegroute naar Rotterdam The Hague Airport.”

Persvrijheid misschien iemand? Of Kafka?


Allez, dat mag nu ook al niet meer …


Vakantiekiekjes maken in Zweden?

Van uzelf is dat geen probleem. Opletten echter wanneer andere mensen in beeld komen. Blijkbaar zelfs in het openbaar op straat …


Censuur door Nikon?

‘Ahn Sehong of the Juju Project has been taken photos based on the theme of ‘Comfort Women’, referring to ‘women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during the Second World War’, since 1990s and displayed the Korean ‘Comfort Women’ left in China  for the first time in Seoul.’


‘Suddenly it was cancelled two weeks ago by the sponsor, Nikon, who apologised to us but did not offer any reasonable explanation.   Since then I have found my personal information being posted on the internet, and I and my family has been intimidated by some anonymous calls.’