How to hide from Big Brother

Een nieuwe discipline of richting voor de MUA’s. En misschien voor mij … De professionele MUA’s respecteren symmetrie en dergelijke meer. Hier moet je nu juist het omgekeerde doen. Wanneer ik de foto’s bekijk van het eindresultaat, denk ik wel dat ik dat ook zou kunnen. Misschien iets voor na de foto”carrière”.

“The goal, the video advises, is to break up symmetry. If the conventions of cosmetics ask for certain regions of facial structure to be highlighted – cheekbones, nose bridges, lashes, lips – cosmetic camouflage necessitates the opposite. Contours must be masked by irregular misshapes. Blobs of black should travel from the bottom chin up into the cheeks while dark strips should swathe the nose, and perhaps a portion of the upper lip. Hair must cover the face, preferably in spiky streaks, to fall over the forehead and barely reveal the eyes the locus of facial recognition.”

Wat is het volgende?

‘Yesterday, the National Press Photographers Association sent a letter to the department, that stated “it is neither a police officer’s duty nor right to decide what is appropriate news coverage of any story. So long as news personnel are in a public forum and not violating any ordinances they have the right to gather news unfettered by the personal feelings or opinions of law enforcement.”‘