Controversy continues over nude photo at MOCA

Je moet deze ongecensureerde foto (tweede link) eens goed bekijken! Dat wordt tegenwoordig beschouwd als pornografie! Only in America. Zieliger en bekrompener kan toch niet.

“Earlier this week, City Council President Clay Yarborough said the photograph of a naked pregnant woman lying on a couch (edited in photo above) is pornography and wants the mayor to defund a $230,000 grant to the museum.”

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Wat is het volgende?

‘Yesterday, the National Press Photographers Association sent a letter to the department, that stated “it is neither a police officer’s duty nor right to decide what is appropriate news coverage of any story. So long as news personnel are in a public forum and not violating any ordinances they have the right to gather news unfettered by the personal feelings or opinions of law enforcement.”‘