Sebastião Salgado

Een van de grootste fotografen die nog op deze aardbol rondloppt.

“The iconic documentary photographer, named Master of Photography at Photo London, on new biopic The Salt of the Earth, directed by his son Juliano and the German director Wim Wenders”

via Sebastião Salgado: “I had travelled to the dawn of time.” | British Journal of Photography.

Kechun Zhang wins Discovery Award 2014

“Chinese photographer Kechun Zhang is the recipient of this year’s Les Rencontres d’Arles Discovery Award for his project, The Yellow River.

Zhang, who lives and works in Chengdu, China, was awarded the EUR25,000 prize for his series, which records life along the Chinese river – the second-longest in Asia. ”

via Dispatches from Arles: Kechun Zhang wins Discovery Award 2014 » British Journal of Photography.

Echt of niet?

Natuurlijk zijn de foto’s “echt”. De vraag is of ze in scène gezet zijn of niet? Uiteindelijk moet de klant (in dit geval Reuters dan) tevreden zijn met het geleverde resultaat. Indien dat niet het geval is dan ga je gewoon terug en zorg je dat de klant de volgende keer wel ziet wat zij/hij wilt zien. Desnoods met wat acteren erbij. Of zijn dit allemaal valse beschuldigingen?

“Interviews with numerous Syrian photographers, most requesting anonymity because they have worked as freelancers for Reuters, said many of the freelancers are activists — in one case a spokesman — who supported the rebels. Three of them also said that the freelancers had provided Reuters with images that were staged or improperly credited, sometimes under pseudonyms. And while Reuters has given the local stringers protective vests and helmets, most said that the stringers lacked training in personal safety and first aid.”

Volgens Reuters (die verdacht/beschuldigd wordt van een loopje te nemen met de regels en de ethiek) is er niets aan de hand.

Sommige analyses van de foto’s gaan vrij ver en worden grondig uitgevoerd zoals u kunt lezen in onderstaand artikel.

Ook de “British Journal of Photography” stelde enkele heel pertinente vragen waarop meestal geen antwoord gegeven werd.

Reuters maintains dogged silence on allegations of ‘staged images’

Editie zonder foto’s

“To coincide with Paris Photo’s opening, French newspaper Libération has chosen to remove all images from its 14 November issue in a bid to show the power and importance of photography at a time when the industry is facing unprecedented challenges, say the newspaper’s editors”

Enkele commentaren onderaan het artikel zijn ook de moeite waard om te lezen.

Goed gezegd …

“And that’s what I tell World Press Photo – every year they choose a conflict photo as the picture of the year, they are screwing the industry. Every time. They have chosen ours in the past, so I’m quite happy with it. But just don’t do it all the time.”

.. en hij kan het weten. En hij heeft nog gelijk ook.

Belgische bij Magnum

Bieke Depoorter is de recentste Belgische ‘nominee’ bij het agentschap Magnum.

Jean-Christian Bourcart wint Prix Nadar

‘Jean-Christian Bourcart joins a long list of photographers to have won the prestigious Prix Nadar, now in its 33th edition. Previous winners include Henri  Cartier-Bresson (1971), André Kertész (1973), Richard Avedon (1979), Willy Ronis  (1981), Irving Penn (1991), Larry Burrows (2002), Larry Towell (2005) and Sarah  Moon (2008) among many others.’


Ook hier geldt tegenwoordig de regel “hoe kleiner hoe beter”.

“For the first time in many years, being small is a positive asset. We keep hearing that the tested revenue models no longer work for publishers, and that’s true. The bigger you are, the greater your infrastructure and the more you have to sustain while at the same time your ability to adapt is limited. Fixed costs of staff, property and production are overwhelming, and legacy contracts are stifling. Investors demand that the big grow bigger at a time when maybe there’s greater profit in smaller operations. At a time when flexibility, adaptability and experimentation are the cornerstones of our business, the smaller we are the bigger our opportunities. Now is the time to think different.”